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23 hours ago

Today is the Day of Gratitude - I have spent most of today moving my son into his new uni digs - my heart wobbled a bit, but when I spent a few moments alone, I got to reflect on how much he had ... See more

6 days ago

Three steps for a brighter, more even skin tone ✨ #PowerBright TRx products can be integrated into any Dermalogica regimen to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation.

πŸ’™ Pure Light SPF50: ... See more

1 week ago

Our Special Offers that will run from the 15th September - 15th October are now available:

🌟 An EXTRA 15% Off Courses of 6 and 8 IPL Treatments (total discount amounts to 35% off)
πŸ‚ An EXTRA ... See more

2 weeks ago
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If you would like to find out what our offers will be - please keep an eye out - I will be posting some amazing offers soon!! πŸ’“β­οΈπŸ˜ƒ

3 weeks ago
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As many of you know, I took 3 days out to step away from the business, just to get a new perspective and have a rest. Thank you to you all for being so understanding- it's been amazing to see my ... See more

3 weeks ago

The NEW #PhytoNature Firming Serum is coming to our salon TOMORROW! ✨
It is Dermalogicas most advanced serum yet and works in two phases:
πŸ’œ Firming phase: Saphire-bound biomimetic peptides help ... See more

3 weeks ago

Did you know your exposome (environment + lifestyle) adds years to your skin’s visible age… 😱

β˜€οΈ Excess sun exposure + 6.5 years
πŸ’€ Poor sleep + 2.5 years
πŸ• Unhealthy diet + 2 ... See more

4 weeks ago
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⭐⭐🌈Thank you to each and everyone one of you amazing ladies for joining me last night in launching the microneedling treatments! What a fantastic evening!!⭐⭐🌈

1 month ago

Flash-firm, lift and revitalize. ✨ Powered by biomimetic peptides and highly-active botanicals, Dermalogicas NEW #PhytoNature Firming Serum restores and preserves the nature of younger-looking ... See more